Mirjam Kluka Photographer

Corporate Design: Art Direction, Type and Editorial Design

Kluka Mood

The starting point for Mirjam Kluka’s ¹Mirjam Kluka Portrait new corporate design was to create something which can accompany her dynamic ²Mirjam Kluka photography yet elegant ³Mirjam Kluka photography photography in a subtle way – while also making an impact in its own right. The outcome is the tailored corporate typeface Kluka Sans: clear letterforms with Swiss sharpness Kluka Sans s intersect high-contrast curves Kluka Sans n in some usual Kluka Sans k, but also unusual Kluka Sans f places. A unique visual imprint, to be used as her word mark and for all other communication. The release of the updated corporate design was celebrated with her photo series »Osaka« Kluka Osaka Newspaper – captured scenes of the Japanese megapolis’ everyday life printed in newspaper format.

Kluka Sans specimen Mirjam Kluka letterhead Mirjam Kluka businesscards Mirjam Kluka compliment card 1 Mirjam Kluka compliment card 2 Mirjam Kluka compliment card 3 Mirjam Kluka compliment envelope
Client & PhotographyMirjam Kluka
Art Direction, Type & Editorial DesignJannick Choon Wai Teoh
Kluka PortraitBenjamin Pichelmann